lumograph is a film photography archiving web app that provides a quick and easy alternative to bulk process a substantial amount of photos and archive them according to the characteristics of their roll in a chronological manner. It also allows the users to create 'collections' of photos that look good together for the purposes of showcasing them online as part of their portfolio piece.

Master archive

It is important to note that the app's purpose is not solely limited to the collections feature. At its core, I intended this to be an archiving app that would index all of photos in 1 simple operation. Therefore, I include the 'master archive' section where the user can see a ledger of all the photos he took, regardless of whether or not it is displayed in the collections. You can access the ledger here.

API development

While lumograph in its current state is limited to one user (me), I would like to invest more time into making it more usable for other people. A big part of my design philosophy when making this was to have the data readily accessible by user's. This is why I decided to make an API for lumograph (you can access it here). Currently, the API only accommodates the collections. But, I plan to accommodate the master archive as well for a broader range.